Bahrain Weekend Travel Guide

I went on a quick trip for 2 nights only, and got to find amazing places in a short time!! So here’s a list that you could enjoy mixing and matching from for a 2-3 nights stay in Bahrain!

Bab AlBahrain

During my visit, I’ve stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, Bahrain Bay. I loved my stay and service there, and highly recommend it.

Another good options I would say is the Ritz Cartlon.

As for activities and things to do, I found it very exciting to do a biking tour with @localppl where the tour guide is a local Bahraini (owner of the account/company), organizes the tour, provides bikes and explains a bit about Bahrain’s culture and background. I really enjoyed it!

Another option if you interested in doing a tour in Bahrain, then checkout a full day tour offered Visit Bahrain here: https://visitbahrain.bh/tours/full-day-tour/

Also a place I really enjoyed visiting was Bar Al Bahrain, its a door to an old outdoors market where you could find lantern shops, old traditional cafes, restaurants and many more interested authentic shops.

Breakfast places (Thank you May!)

Gourmet lounge at the ritz
@raaw.bh (vegan)
@saffronbyjena (local concept)


@kojo_bahrain (sushi)



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