Cyprus Travel Guide

First time in Cyprus! To be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen as much as I would’ve wanted to see. There’s just sooo much beauty in this country but luckily I was invited by the Tourism Board and managed to see lovely spots in the 7 days I spent there!


  • Visa. For those needing visa, you could enter Cyprus using either Schengen or issuing a Cyprus visa.
  • Currency: Euro
  • How do we call citizens? Cypriots.
  • The food was really really good almost everywhere we went.  A strong similarities with the Greek cuisine with a hint of the Middle East and Asia Minor.
  • Some useful words & phrases:
    • Hello: Yia Su
    • Goodbye: Adio
    • Please: Parakalo
    • Yes: Ne
    • Thank you: Efkharisto

The first two nights in Cyprus, we stayed in an area called Protaras area, which is around 15 mins away from Ayia Napa. Protaras is a resort town in eastern Cyprus, known for its beaches. The hotel I stayed at was Capo Bay, very much suitable for families! The beaches in Cyprus are not private so the public can access the beach. If you do stay or do not stay at Capo Bay, do not miss having lunch or dinner at the Japanese restaurant there, Koi Lounge & Bar! Its really good!

Must see while in Protaras: Konnos Beach. While in Protaras, also checkout Cape Greco, a walk to the highest point for amazing views or for sunset views! Lastly, take a boat ride to the Blue Lagoon! Super blue beautiful waters. We’ve also had dinner at Roof Burger Bar, which had really delicious burgers!

Second stop in Cyprus was at Limassoul; Parklane hotel. The drive between Protaras and Limassoul was around one hour.

Upon arrival to Limassoul, we’ve rented bicycles and went around the town to see where’s what and mostly in the marina side where all the restaurants and cafes are. Now, we went in June and the weather was HOT in the morning. Afternoon, was a lovely weather. Find the oldest door in Limassoul from 1761. In Limassol, I bought 2 super cute dresses, from a shop while we were on the way to lunch! loved their collection and if you’re into cute dresses do check it out: @Geminist.BTQ

For lunch, we ate at a traditional restart called Tavern Famagusta. Later, I’ve had dinner in a place, which I could easily say it was THE BEST MEAL I had in Cyprus; the restaurant name is DIONYSUS MANSION.

After Limassoul, we’ve passed by a cute bridge called Kelefos Bridge, in Paphos. Its a Medieval Venetian Bridge crossing the Dhiarizos river in the mountains of Paphos in Cyprus. On the way, there was a super cute little town where we stopped in a local lady’s house to have cypriot coffee and some home made dishes such as veggies, halloumi, Pumpkin pie, Olives. If you’re into local experiences I highly advise you pass by this place. She also offers homes/rooms for a stay if you’re interested they’re also available on booking.com. The place is called Arsorama Village Homes.

We then continued our way to Casale Panayiotis Spa Hotel Troodos Cyprus. I fell in love with this place and the SPA! One of the best massages Ive had in a looooong time. I wish we had more time to spend there or at least 1 night; lovely place, quiet and so serene.

We went back to Limassoul that day and spent the night. We had dinner at Matsuhisa highly recommended for the sushi lovers!

Another stop we’ve made and I really liked was the Millomeri Waterfalls. Worth a quick stop for photos.

For our last night, we stayed in a decent hotel closer to the airport (Larnaca Airport) where we spent the night and drove the next day to the airport. The hotel was in Paphos, I don’t necessarily recommend to stay there unless that’s your plan too! There’s an airport in Paphos, but we were headed to Tivat Montenegro later and the only available flight was in Larnaca. The hotel in Paphos was called Asimina Suites Hotel.

Safe travels, lovelies!


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