Dana Beach Resort, Khobar | Sharqiah منتجع شاطيء الدانه

Welcome to Half Moon Bay, welcome to Al Khobar!

By invitation from Dana Beach Resort in Al Khobar, it was my first time experiencing an over night stay in Saudi Arabia, The Eastern Province.

بدعوه من منتجع شاطيء الدانه٫ قمت بزيارة الشرقيه٫ بالتحديد الخبر لآول مره


Located in Half Moon Bay, 30 km from Al Khobar, around 45 minutes drive from Al Dammam Airport and a close drive to Bahrain as well as Kuwait!

يبعد المنتجع حوالي ٤٥ دقيقه من مطار الدمام – رتبنا مع المنتجع سياره تاخذنا من المطار الى المنتجع

MODERN. That’s the first word that popped into my head when I stepped into my 3 Bed-room Royal Villa at Dana Beach Resort! The resort is located in half moon bay which contains resorts and beaches; a destination away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Dana Beach Resort is a waterfront luxury resort that features Privacy, Relaxation, Beach Experience, Kids Entertainment, Energy, Luxury and Exclusivity. Yup!

Type of Villas

  • Royal Villas – 3 Bedroom (Outdoor Infinity Pool or Jacuzzi)
  • Sunrise Villas – 3 Bedrooms
  • Sunset Villas – 2 & 3 Bedrooms
  • Garden Villas – 3 Bedrooms

Villas are spacious, modern and feature private terraces and living areas.

يقع منتجع شاطئ الدانة في خليج الدانة، الخبر، و الذي يعد منتجعا ذو واجهة بحرية توفر مناظر خلابة للرمال الذهبية و المياه الآزورية المتلألئة لشاطئ نصف القمر

و يتضمن منتجع شاطئ الدانة 111 فيلا حيث 79 منها تطل على الشاطىء مباشرة كما جهزت 20 فيلا منها بمسبح خاص أو جاكوزي و 32 فيلا تتوسط المساحات الخضراء للحدائق التي تطل على حديقة الأطفال المائية.

إحجز فيلتك اليوم ابتداء من 2275 ريال سعودي لفيلا من 3 غرف نوم لليلة الواحدة. قم بزيارة www.danabeachresort.sa  إستعمل الرمز الترويجي WINTER و استفد من خصم  10% خصم إضافي

Thing to do

I was amazed by the facilities, amenities and services in this resort; it literally has EVERYTHING.

You can play table tennis and billiards, ATV rides, water and equestrian sports, children activities and playgrounds along with Club Car and even horse riding!!

Ladies, there’s also a SPA, beauty salon, nails place as well! Everything you could need. An outdoor pool is also available (for families and ladies only) and a private beach area (for families and ladies only).

PS. ATM Machine available in the resort!



We’ve had EXCELLENT meals though out the two days we stayed at the resort. The food & beverage manager was with us the entire time whenever it was food related, took an excellent care of us, and made us try the best of the best!

My favorite restaurant was Al Sayyad; which is a lebanese (Arabic food) restaurant! REALLY delicious! I also recommend you to try it for breakfast, and get the table that’s directly on the beach. If you’re lucky and its a high tide, your water will touch your foot! What a feeling!

The resort has also 2 other restaurants, and a cafe!

A very special THANK YOU for everyone behind Dana Beach Resort! The team was nothing but hospitable and caring! I loved meeting you all, and I wish you the best of luck!

For more about the resort:


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