Hello965 weekending in Georgia جورجيا

Georgia was a weekend trip for me: I prefer not to miss a trip when I know that a local will be with me the entire time – it makes the trip so much better.

First things first, visa. Kuwaiti nationals do not need a visa to enter Georgia.

الكويتين لا يتحاتجون فيزا لدخول جورجيا، هو سبب من الاسباب المختلفه اللي قررت أروح جورجيا في احدى عطل نهاية الاسبوع

Currency name: Lari اسم العمله لاري

Airlines I used: Qatar Airways في رحلتي استخدمت القطريه

Airlines you should checkout: Georgian Airways (for direct flights) الطيران الجورجي يدير رحلات مباشره من الكويت عن طريق سفريات جلوبل

The mountains Georgia

Our plans were spread on the three days (the weekend) whereas we get to see a different place or a different area in every day, but keep Tbilisi as our place of arrival/departure:

قسمنا خطتنا على ثلاث ايام، بحيث كل يوم نشوف شي يديد .. لكن مقر الاقامه والوصول والمغادره هو تبليسي وهي عاصمة جورجيا


for the entire stay we stayed at a three-star boutique hotel called “Orion” located in old town.

سكنت في فندق ثلاث نجوم في تبليسي: اسمه “اوريون” في تبليسي القديمه

Day 1

Tbilisi, Art Garden

My day 1 was roaming Tbilisi (Georgia’s Capital) our tour included seeing: اليوم الاول كان استكشاف في تبليسي

  • Monument of Freedom & Freedom Square
  • Kartvlis Deda (The mother of Georgia)
  • The Bridge of Peace
  • Paliashvili Opera House
  • Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi
  • Dancing Fountains
  • Street Market & Artists Garden
  • Flea Market “Dry Bridge”

Tbilisi via Hello965

Day 2

Day 2 was a visit to Kazbegi mountain. On our way to Kazbegi, we stopped at Aragvi River and Ananuri Fortress for some pictures; stunning places. اليوم الثاني كان رحله الى الجبل، كاسبجي

The mountains Georgia

The drive to Kazbegi is around 2 hours and 30 minutes. Up the mountain, we had lunch at a hotel called Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi. Such a nice place with amazing view!!! We had lunch, and some coffee after with a view.

The mountains Georgia
Coffee with a view at Rooms Hotel

Day 3

The last day of our trip was centered around Uplistsikhe, the cavetown. The drive is around an hour and 30 minutes to Uplistsikhe. اليوم الثالث كان الى المدينه الصخريه

cave town hello965“This fascinating and once enormous cave city affords expansive views along the Mtkvari valley from its site on the river’s north bank, 10km east of Gori. Between the 6th century BC and 1st century AD, Uplistsikhe developed into one of the chief political and religious centres of pre-Christian Kartli, with temples dedicated principally to the sun goddess” ~ via Lonely Planet

The mountains Georgia

Finally and some general information:

  • There are phone operators/providers in the airport, if you’d like to get an internet sim card, you can upon arrival. يوجد محلات تليفونات لشرائح الانترنت
  • There are exchange services in the arrival area, but exchange outside (in Tiblisi) would give you better rates. يوجد خدمات صرف للمبالغ لكن الصرف من خارج المطار يعطيكم اسعار أفضل
The mountains Georgia





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