Safari in Yala Sri Lanka

I spent 2 nights in Yala, in a beautiful tented lodge!! I arrived to checkin and night and left to checkout in the morning so that left me with a full day in Yala!!

Of course, being in a National Park where you’re in the middle of the jungle, I couldn’t help but to go on Game Drives (The hotel offers one complimentary game drive per day), so we did two instead of one. One in the morning, and the second in the afternoon (There are no night drives)

This video captures some moments of my day in the Yala National Park!

– I did this video using my iPhone XS MAX & SONY ALPHA 6500
– Music from Epidemic: The Warmth of The Sun on Her Skin & Hide With Me by Sebasgian Forslund

قضيت ليلتين في منطقة يالا في سريلانكا .. تمتعت في رحلات السفاري اللي رتبها لي الفندق العجيب اللي سكنت فيه! يالا تبعد ٦ ساعات بالسياره من كولومبو وفي طيران داخلي تقريبا ساعه وشوي

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