The Giraffe Manor, Kenya!

A place that was in my bucket list for the longest time! I visited Giraffe Manor in December, 2020, Mid-month. I liked the weather and the time I visited and would highly recommend it too!

When is the best time to visit Giraffe Manor? Giraffe Manor isĀ open all year with the exception of mid-April to mid-May. The weather is good pretty much all year with some rains here and there. My advise is; check the availability and plan your trip based on that and not the other way around for this hotel as its always heavily booked. Usually, the maximum stay is 2 nights which is ideal. Usually when booking The Giraffe Manor, you must book one of its sister hotels to continue the package and number of nights. I advise you to contact the Safari Collection directly and inquire through them.

Arrival Airport: Nairobi

I travelled during COVID, so for the country entry I needed a negative COVID test result with a max of 96 hours, and to fill out a travelers health form to enter the country. (form here)

The hotel (Giraffe Manor) would organize a pick up from your hotel in Nairobi (Or from the airport) depending on what you specify as your pick up point. The drive from the hotel of pick-up where I stayed to Giraffe Manor was around 30-40 minutes.

Usually the booking is done for 2 properties with the Safari Collection; I recommend connecting the trip with Sala Camp. I visited Solio Lodge (had to take a domestic flight – 15 KG luggage limitations), it was nice but too quiet and not much to do. The rooms were fantastic, but 2-3 nights there was way too long. If I had to repeat, I’d switch to Sala Camp.

My booking was done via the Safari Collection which is I believe the only company handling Giraffe Manor bookings.

I honestly had the Giraffe Manor on my bucket list for the longest time. I really wanted to feed the giraffes although I’m not a huge animal fan (scared of animals)! The stay is pricey, but the experience is worth it. I loved every minute of it and I highly recommend it for once in your life at least. The place itself, the interaction with the giraffes (feeding time is only early in the AM and sunset time), still amazing nonetheless.

Is there anything else to do around the area? Nothing that I was interested in tbh or recommend. I think going to Giraffe Manor means spending time in the giraffe manor. There was a group of us, so we weren’t bored at all. I would’ve loved to have a swimming pool or a fitness center; but I guess this is the whole point of having the stay a short one (2 nights.) Nairobi Giraffe Center is located near by, a walking distance.

The hotel is a restored 1930’s mansion and it is still family owned while being part of a hotel group. Usually its a full board stay, so diners, laundry, wifi, airport pick up and drop off is all included. The food at the giraffe manor was good! We loved all the table set-ups the indoors and the outdoors, all beautiful! We’ve seen plenty of romantic setups which looked gorgeous.

As for who is the place suitable for, I myself was there with a group of friends and have seen plenty of couples (romantic getaways I assume?). With that said, I have seen a family with kids so I assume it is suitable for the families who have kids that love giraffes.

The Giraffe Manor is home to Rothschild Giraffes, one of the four types of giraffes which can be distinguished by their look.

Overall, the giraffes are friendly to interact with, but don’t be fooled! Listen to the instructions of the hotel team/employees and watch out for the naughty giraffes! Aside from the Giraffes we also found Warthogs which I was avoiding haha they scared me.

How would you typically spend the day at Giraffe Manor?

You wake to feed the giraffe early in the morning and go to have breakfast. If not, you could go back to sleep for a bit. I, found a small space in the room and workedout prior to breakfast and headed down to eat.

A little later, I was enjoying taking pictures everywhere. Photography, editing, video taking, editing, and used all my time with photography. I loved it. Its pretty much chill until lunch time which was a 3 course lunch outdoors. We enjoyed the area, the statues, giraffe-shaped chess set and walked around the garden area to checkout the shop on sight. They had super cute souvenir items.

Right before the second feeding time (5:00 PM), guests are invited infant of the main house for an afternoon tea & snacks while waiting for the giraffes to approach the building. Its very interesting feeding the giraffes, its confusing between feeling not so amazing with the giraffes saliva all over your hands and between an awesome feeling of feeding a huge thing infant of you! SO COOL.

Its pretty much the day till dinner comes. If you had the choice between 1 or 2 nights at Giraffe Manor? I’d say 1 night is enough, 2 nights is to be comfortable and not rush things. Either works!

Safe travels, lovelies!


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