Travel Around Croatia: Initial Planning

A hello965 friend was inquiring about Croatia the other day and to have some suggestions on planning for multiple destinations in Croatia. For me personally, I’ve been to Dubrovnik, Split and Hvaar.

I did some research and advised her to check out the following route:

Croatia’s Season: June – September

As a first stop; I’d say let it be Zagreb since it’s closest to any stop you’d take in Europe.

  • Zagreb & Plitvice Lakes (2 night in Zagreb)  

First night is when you arrive, one day to see Zagreb and the other to leave to to Plitvile Lakes National Park (two hours car ride – or there are rides through the bus to take you there)

Plitvice Lakes National Park
Plitvice Lakes National Park

– From Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes, checkout: http://www.visit-croatia.co.uk/index.php/croatia-destinations/plitvice-lakes/getting-to-plitvice-lakes-national-park/

– Read this to give you an idea of Zagreb – http://landlopers.com/2014/01/08/zagreb-croatia

You could spend the night in Plitvice lakes, if you like.

  • Ljubljana

Ljubljana could be accessed also from Zagreb by car or train. So if you do want to do it also, stay another night in Zagreb and fit Ljubljana in that day: http://www.buscroatia.com/zagreb-ljubljana/

  • Plitvice lakes

– Spend the day in the Plitvice lakes, or spend the night here.

– It is recommended to see it in the morning not the afternoon to avoid the crowds (hence the one night there makes sense, to wake up early morning and see it)

– Your next stop from here could be Split

– Check this out: http://www.funky-zagreb.com/zagreb-day-trips/plitvice-lakes-private-tour/

and http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g303827-i7176-k7426275-Visit_to_the_plitvice_lakes_day_trip_or_stay_overnight-Plitvice_Lakes_National_Park_Central.html.

  • Split

– Second largest city in Croatia


– From my personal experience I don’t recommend you stay here, half a day to see the place and have lunch maybe there should be enough. Yet again, do your own research then decide if you’d like to stay more.

– An option is to rent a catamaran between Split and Hvaar

– Another option is to take the ferry to Hvaar  and stay in Hvaar (Get a round trip, or one way ticket up to you)

– If you’re driving, you could go with the car on the ferry to Hvaar (which is what I did)

– If you feel like staying in Split for a night or so: http://www.viator.com/tours/Split/Split-Sailing-Adventure/d4185-6053SPLITSAIL or http://www.viator.com/tours/Split/Split-Bike-Tour-City-Highlights-by-Standard-or-Electric-Bike/d4185-6053SPLITBIKE

  • Hvar (2 nights)

– Hvar is the Ibiza of Croatia – sandy beautiful beaches in the morning, and parties in party islands at night

– Back to split from Hvar, there are daily buses that take you from Split to Dubrovnik or if you have your own car, you drive to Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik: (3-4 nights stay would be ideal in here)

Other than the hotel mentioned on my blog (Neptun), check out Bellvue Hotel (http://www.adriaticluxuryhotels.com/en/hotel-bellevue-dubrovnik/). Keep in mind, Dubrovnik’s beach is not sandy, it’s rocky.


– From Dubrovnik you could go on a full day excursion to Montenegro Bay (Kotor)

  • Montenegro Bay (Kotor)



Generally, renting a car would sure be easier than taking buses as I always prefer driving, though Croatia has a good bus system!http://www.visit-croatia.co.uk/index.php/travelling-around-croatia/

Obviously, you could do the whole thing the other way around – first stop being Dubrovnik – Last being Zagreb.
Enjoy and send us pictures!!!!


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