Need to know before visiting Failaka Island!

Bored & Wanna break the routine by going back in time to older and more authentic untouched Kuwait? Take an overnight or even a day trip to Failaka Island, in Kuwait!

My friends (@ealadsani and @sulaiman.plus) have suggested that a group of us go to Failaka for an overnight!! Luckily, Eman was there the week before and had all the tips, tricks do and donts for us!

Failaka Island (Arabic: فيلكا‎ Faylakah / Fēlaka ; Kuwaiti Arabic: فيلچا /fe:lɪt͡ʃə/) is a Kuwaiti Island in the Arabian Gulf. The island is 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City. The name “Failaka” is thought to be derived from the ancient Greek φυλάκιο(ν) – fylakio(n) “outpost”. – Wikipedia

After spending the night there, here’s a short summary that will help you plan your night, or day to Failaka !

How do I get to Failaka?

Most likely, and the best way is through the Car Ferry which will take you, and your car together. There’s also another ferry/boat that would take you to Failaka for the day and back (passengers only, no car).

To get the tickets for the ferry, you could either get them before hand by pass by (or sending someone/mandoob/driver) to get you tickets from thee Ferry Tickets Office in Ras Assalmiya (Near Kuwait Scientific Center and Lulu’at AlMarzouq). Once you’re there, inquire about the departure time and return. In our case, we boarded the 9:30 AM ferry, and took the 12:00 midday ferry back.

Where should I stay in Failaka?

Basically there aren’t many options yet! There’s a hotel called Ikarus, which costs 50 KD a night for a double room/or single room the charge is per room. There are also Kuwaiti houses for rent, they were fully booked when we tried to book.

The rooms are clean, decent and has basic amenities. My friend had recommended that I take though with me everything I would need such as shampoo, shower gel, towel, bedsheets and pillow sheets (although theirs were good!), our own food for grilling and on ferry breakfast, arabic coffee and other instant coffee. I would also recommend you to do the same for the sake of convenience especially if you’re a big group. It makes life so much easier.

The room had AC, so it was cold when we needed it to be, and I packed with me an extra blanket just incase I get cold cause i’m ALWAYS cold. like, always. lol.

About Failaka and What Should You Expect to Do?

Failaka is basic. If you think you’re going to see plenty of things happening then do lower your expectations like ALOT. It is basic, it is untouched, authentic, and has its own magic! I absolutely loved it. I travel, to find such authenticity and to learn more about history and culture.

– Cultural Village

– National Bank of Kuwait Old Building, used currently for shooting by the army.

– Failaka Museum

– Find the Camels, I loved using the drone there but they got scared so couldn’t get the shots.

– Military Location/Camp

– Failaka’s Resort (Ruined after the war)

You could also rent Kayak’s in the pond, there are swimming pools for those interested in swimming, the beach has access and jet-ski rentals, there are bikes for rental and scooter as well as public beach for grills and picnics.


  1. I loved the idea I think I’m going to do it / I have 2. Quests do we need to book the hotel in advance / are there any Resturant’s or is there food any where else

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, you need to book the hotel in advance. There is food and a restaurant, a supermarket and baskin robins. I do however recommend you pack your own snacks and food also its more convenient.

  2. I absolutely loved your story on Instagram about Failaka.. It made me want to visit this Island and explore it❤️ I just have one question how to book a hotel room or rent a house in there? I tried looking online but couldn’t find any..

  3. Is there any way to go there without a ship ? Like just by driving. I mean what if someone decides to go there at night?

  4. Can we book hotel over there ? And stay there for night ?
    And from what time to what time we can go to the island and what time we can get out ?

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