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Life Needs the Caribbean ♡

Since we decided to Island hop, it’s been crazy and confusing trying to fit out all the Caribbean islands in one trip. We realized, that 1 month is not enough to see all. My friend and I, then, decided to focus on clusters of islands to be able to hop by boat, or sail, or something.

That also, was too expensive! Conclusion, what we were looking for was not doable for us with a low budget for 2 persons. (The group then increase to 4, but still, the costs were just high for what we had in mind).

Finally, once we decided on the cluster we wanted to visit then came our second homework which is visas! Unfortunately and after visa requirements we realized that our plan was a no go. So, we just could do not it. Our last step of research was to choose the islands that we want to see the most, and check if our visa requirements can be done in a timely manner and just go for it.

SO- this was the plan:


  • JAMAICA: If you’re aiming to go all around Jamaica or at least to see as much as possible, then you need at least minimum of 9 days. We based on reviews online decided to stay most in Negril for the beautiful beaches. Other good options are Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. My initial Plan was to start in Ocho Rios, move to Montego Bay and end in Negril. (Flight was to and from Montego Bay) but I had limited time so I couldn’t go through with the plan.


  • CURAÇAO: An absolute beauty. I found it very charming and lovely. My local friends kept on telling me that 3 nights aren’t enough and i’ll need at least 6 days there; only when I was there, I totally understood what they meant. Beautiful beautiful place.
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  • BARBADOS: Same thing! wish I had more time to see more. Read my Barbados post to know how to plan your Barbados visit.


  • ST LUCIA: St Lucia to me looked familiar.. It’s like I’ve seen it before – stunning nonetheless and needs more time to see the place and settle in. The resorts or at least the fancy ones are to die for. Loved it.


  • ANTIGUA: for some reason, ANTIGUA was my favorite. It stole my heart! I just felt very connected to the island, the vibes, the resorts, the smiles and the beach. I would also recommend it as a honeymoon destination. (An all inclusive resort will help with the cost!)


I heard so much from so many people about Grenada, Turks & Caicos, British Virgin Islands and other Caribbean islands in that cluster – I would for sure have a second visit to the Caribbean, but need to get the visa stuff sorted out first!

Until we meet again.. over & out! xo


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